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John Willis- Guitarist (Taylor Swift, India Aria, Jewel)

January 02, 2023 Studio Musician Academy Episode 17
Studio Musician Academy
John Willis- Guitarist (Taylor Swift, India Aria, Jewel)
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Show Notes

John is a first call guitarist, songwriter, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Raised in Louisiana, John found his calling for guitar picking at an early age, and after discovering the roll of studio musicians, he traveled to LA to train at the Guitar institute of technology. 

After making fast friends with his instructors, John earned opportunities to see first hand how records were made. His next step was Muscle Shoals, where he honed his craft, and caught the ear of famed record producer David Briggs, who urged him to take the leap to Nashville. Through a 20/20 vision of purpose, and blind faith to trust the process, John has dominated the guitar player chair for over four decades. 

John’s playing can be heard on records ranging from Alabama and Willie Nelson, to Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift, to India Arie and Jewel. If that wasn’t enough, John has also honed his craft as a songwriter, producer, and studio owner. 

Through continuing to expand his skill sets and creative approach, John has crafted the roadmap for long term success in an ever-evolving industry. The stories we unpack in this episode cover lessons that could easily be the one stop manual for success and fulfillment as a studio musician. Grab a pen, because you’re going to want to take notes!

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