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Derek Wells- Guitarist (Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Maren Morris)

January 20, 2023 Studio Musician Academy Episode 18
Studio Musician Academy
Derek Wells- Guitarist (Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Maren Morris)
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Show Notes

Today’s guest is Derek Wells!

We’d typically start this episode intro with a description of our guests occupation, but there isn’t a box big enough to fit Derek’s career into. He’s literally checked all of them. As a first call session guitar player, bandleader, record producer, publishing executive, and board member of pretty much every industry organization, Derek has masterfully navigated every corner of the music industry.

Derek’s playing can be heard on over 50 #1 records. His pickin can be heard an artists such as Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, and Carrie Underwood. As a producer he’s led the charge for artists like Maddie and Tae, Scotty McCreery and Granger Smith. He’s earned awards for ACM musician of the year and Music Row guitar player of the year; as well as a Grammy Nomination for Maren Morris’ album “HERO” Most recently, Derek took on the position of Vice President of A&R/Production at Spirit Music Group in Nashville.

Through all of Derek’s astounding success he has remained a humble, kind, and compassionate leader in the recording industry community. In this conversation we explore the journey that led Derek to where he is today, unpack his creative approach in the studio, and discuss the perspectives that have helped Derek remain grounded and focused on the opportunities that each day brings while staying patient and persistent in the process. And with that I am honored to welcome Derek Well’s, a legend who clearly did not need this introduction.

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