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Caroline Jones- Singer/Songwriter (Zac Brown Band)

June 12, 2023 Studio Musician Academy Episode 24
Studio Musician Academy
Caroline Jones- Singer/Songwriter (Zac Brown Band)
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Show Notes

Today’s guest is Caroline Jones. Caroline is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre singer songwriter. Her latest solo project reached #4 on the iTunes country charts. She’s been featured on the Grand Ole Opry, The Tonight Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and The Today Show.

Caroline is also the first female member of the iconic Zac Brown Band. Caroline brings an amazing perspective as both the hired musician and as artist hiring the musicians, depending on which side of the glass she’s sitting on for a session. 

Exploring multiple instruments through the creative vision for her own songs, once she got introduced to the Nashville session musician world, Caroline found herself immersed in a passion for learning from the greats, and rising to that greatness. Caroline’s journey thus far is an amazing testament to the power of mentorship, and the many forms it can take. 

From Zac Brown to Jimmy Buffet, Mac Macanally and Kenny Chesney, Caroline’s incredible talent, and relentless passion for her craft, has earned her way into some of the most coveted creative circles. 

Opportunities that have led to invaluable experiences to fuel her artistic success. We are honored to have the opportunity to share Caroline’s amazing story.  Let’s dive in!

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