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Greg Morrow- Drummer (Dixie Chicks, Bob Seger, Luke Bryan)

September 04, 2023 Studio Musician Academy
Studio Musician Academy
Greg Morrow- Drummer (Dixie Chicks, Bob Seger, Luke Bryan)
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Show Notes

Greg Morrow has dominated the drum chair in Nashville record sessions for nearly 3 decades. He’s laid the groove for artists spanning from Deana Carter and Steve Earl to Garth Brooks and Dixie Chicks to Luke Combs and Jon Pardi. Greg is a two time, ACM Drummer of the Year award winner, and can be heard on countless number one records.

Greg found his passion for drums early. He starting a band as a pre-teen and played club gigs around his hometown of Memphis through high school. Through a chance meeting at a festival and the help of fellow Memphis raised studio legend, Chad Cromwell, Greg landed his first major tour with Mercury recording artist, Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers, before he was out of high school. After touring with Amy Grant, DeGarmo & Key, and Faith Hill, eventually Greg’s path led him to Nashville where he quickly rose as a first call studio Drummer and touring musician. 

Greg believes that one of the keys to success in the recording industry is filling a deep well of musical knowledge that can fill up a variety of buckets at a moments notice. In this interview, I learned how deep that well reaches through the incredible stories of both success and temporary detours that Greg has masterfully navigated throughout his incredible career. 

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